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  • For 245 years, our Navy has operated forward to protect commerce and keep fights far from our shores.
    • Since the end of World War II, we have sailed with like-minded navies to uphold the rules-based order at sea.
    • Together, we have provided stability, deterred great power wars, preserved peace, and ushered in prosperity for billions
  • Today, however, our collective security—and way of life—are under threat.
    • China and Russia are undermining the free and open conditions at sea that have benefited so many for so long
    • China is aggressively building a navy to rival our own. Possessing the world’s largest fleet, China continues to build modern surface combatants, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, and next-generation fighters.
    • Russia is also modernizing its forces. In addition to modernizing its strategic nuclear forces, Russia is developing modern missile frigates, fighter and bomber aircraft, hypersonic missiles, tactical nuclear weapons, and modern submarines. They are expanding operations globally and deploying closer to our shores.
    • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is evidence of our increasingly aggressive adversaries flouting international law and attacking democracy
    • Russia, Iran and China are now holding hold joint maritime exercises 
      • Shows our adversaries are actively building alliances.
  • Our country is clearly in Strategic Competition with China and Russia.
    • The United States Navy is at the center of upholding national security and maintaining international stability and world order. 
    • Our forward presence is required.
  • In order to win wars and deter such aggression our Navy must be at sea.
    • Our sailors cannot face down adversaries unless we provide them with combat ready ships and submarines.
    • A larger, more lethal, more ready fleet manned by the world's greatest Sailors is required to maintain our advantage at sea and protect America for years to come.