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  • NAVSEA stood up nine pillars – or focus areas – of naval warship maintenance and modernization. These pillars are led by Flags and SESs accountable for driving change and removing barriers for the mechanic to be more productive at the deck plate. These leaders are held accountable every week for performance and improvements in their area. Through these pillars, we have more senior Navy leadership support than we have ever had in the past. The Pillars include Engineering, Planning, Material, Fleet Ops, Waterfront, Inside Shops, SY Resourcing, Infrastructure, and IT.

NSS-SY Pillar graphic

Engineering   Planning   Material   Inside Shop   Waterfront   People   Fleet Ops   Infrastructure   IT
'Engineer out' mandays from AWP; develop methods and standards to improve predictability   Decrease unplanned work starting with milestone adherence and planning improvement control board   Increase material availability to enable non-stop execution starting with E2E supply chain visibility   Accelerate TAT for shop components through work center transformations   Improve on-time starts, throughput, and production performance   Optimize mix of mechanics and support billets across shipyards to maximize throughput, focus on trade talent development and workforce allocation   Improve coordination between fleet and SY, focus on project and S/F integration, specifically during end game   Reduce degraded IPE impact on production   Increase productivity through improving performance of shipyard equipment and software