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NSS-SY Spotlight: Waterfront Offsite | An urgent call to action – PSNS & IMF must commit to project management fundamentals to support on-time delivery
January 3, 2023

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Visits Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
December 16, 2022

NSS-SY Innovation Spotlight: Digital crew boards
November 22, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: PSNS & IMF leverages change management in support of NSS-SY
November 9, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Planning Pillar
October 25, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Fleet Ops Pillar
September 29, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Inside Shop Pillar
September 15, 2022

NAVSEA Tech Refresh Increases Productivity For Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
September 2, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Material Pillar
September 1, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Infrastructure Pillar
August 4, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Inside Shop Pillar
July 21, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: New expert tradesperson path incentivizes skill
July 7, 2022

Naval Sea Systems Command Visits Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
July 7, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: IT Pillar
June 27, 2022

EXPERT TRADESPERSON | NSS-SY Shipyard Resourcing pillar develops new career path, increases support to mechanics
June 9, 2022

NSS-SY Spotlight: Waterfront pillar
June 2, 2022

Deputy Commander for Industrial Operations Visits Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
June 1, 2022

Improvement Processes Reduce Materials Backlog for Deck Plate Workers at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
April 21, 2022

NNSY’s Hydraulics Shop Streamlines Improvements Through NSS-SY
February 7, 2022

NNSY Holds Workforce Meetings about Naval Sustainment System—Shipyards
February 3, 2022

NSS-SY pillar construct demonstrates multi-agency commitment to transformation
December 22, 2021

Norfolk Naval Shipyard returns USS Pasadena to the Fleet
November 4, 2021

NSS-SY: Crew boards streamline start-of-shift process for supervisors, workers across shipyard
September 27, 2021

USS Toledo’s Engineered Overhaul at NNSY implements NSS-SY improvements
August 18, 2021

NSS-SY: PSNS & IMF to roll out next 3 sprints for evaluation
July 19, 2021

Fix or Elevate - Improves Processes for PNS Electricians
July 16, 2021

NSS-SY DEEP DIVE: The Operations Control Center
June 25, 2021

Team Louisiana leads the way for NSS-SY efforts
June 23, 2021

Commands terminate NSS-SY sprint that wasn’t working as hoped
June 8, 2021

“Don’t Shy Away From the Hard Problems”-- NAVSEA Commander Challenges Naval Sustainment System--Shipyards Workshop to Help Drive On-Time Delivery
May 25, 2021

PSNS & IMF begins new trio of NSS-SY sprints
May 20, 2021

Norfolk Naval Shipyard completes USS Harry S Truman’s Extended Carrier Incremental Availability
May 12, 2021

Naval Sustainment System – Shipyards effort now in full swing at Norfolk Naval Shipyard
May 3, 2021

Naval Sustainment System – Shipyards: Underway and Making an Impact
April 26, 2021