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VADM Hilarides presents letters of appreciation at NSWCDD ceremony
August 18, 2015
DAHLGREN, Va. - NSWC Dahlgren Division awardees Christopher Nerney, Donna Wheater, Melanie Lunney and David Luck, l to r, are pictured with Vice Adm. William Hilarides, commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, moments after the admiral presented them with letters of appreciation at an Aug. 11 awards ceremony. Hilarides commended the team, including Michael Clark and Adrienne Phaler, for supporting the Cybersecurity Technical Exchange Meeting sponsored by NAVSEA. "This meeting brought together leaders from Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, and United States Tenth Fleet in one place to discuss and 'connect the dots' pertaining to cyber-related work spanning the Navy enterprise," said Hilarides in the letter. "Your behind the scenes involvement in this technical exchange was paramount, enabling both current and future cyber deliberations that are of the highest importance to the Navy." Describing the accomplishment as "a major milestone in charting Naval Sea Systems Command's way ahead for the Navy's implementation of the cybersecurity mission priority," Hilarides thanked, "the men and women of NSWCDD for taking a stake in the Navy's ability to promote cybersecurity operations through technical excellence and accountability."

VADM Hilarides presents Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Awards at NSWCDD ceremony
August 18, 2015
DAHLGREN, Va. - Vice Adm. William Hilarides, commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, presents the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award to Marie Colitti at an Aug. 11 awards ceremony. Hilarides congratulated Colitti and nine of her colleagues  - James Morrissett, Troy Bentz, Lorilee Geisweidt, Amanda Cardiel, Steven Sovine, Keith Manion, Meredith Murray, Jeffery McConnell and Christopher Knowlton - who also received the award for their impact on the Small Surface Combatant Task Force last year. "In response to the Secretary of Defense-directed study of a more lethal and more survivable small surface combatant, these recipients used their professional expertise to assist in the development of an extraordinary body of work that establishes the direction for a significant portion of the U.S. Navy shipbuilding and Force capability that reaches deep into this century," according to the citation. "The unassailable logic, method, and results that these recipients exhibited and applied to this task, provided the Department of the Navy and Department of Defense with the confidence it needs to make decisions of such high importance."

NSWC Dahlgren Division LGBT Pride Month Inaugural Speaker – “Honoring Diversity Solves Problems and Creates Innovative Products”
July 28, 2015
Amanda Simpson, executive director of the Army Office of Energy Initiatives, discusses the relationship between the way we think and the way we act during the LGBT Pride Month Observance at Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren on July 24. Simpson was the keynote speaker at the event, the first ever for the installation.

NSWC Dahlgren Systems Safety Team Competes in Mud Run, Raising Funds for Local Children, Families, and Residents in Need
July 14, 2015
Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Systems Safety Engineering Division personnel - known as the "Mud Crazy G70 Team" - ran a challenging four mile-long obstacle course, raising funds for local children, families and residents June 27.

NSWCDD hosts Fredericksburg Summer Regional Governor's School
June 29, 2015
NSWCDD hosted the Fredericksburg Regional Governor's School on June 25.  Students from the counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Fredericksburg City, and other private schools in the region were given tours of NSWCDD's unique facilities - Ground Plane area, Chemical Biological Radiological (CBR) Defense Laboratory, Railgun Facility, and Human Systems Integration Laboratory.  Dr. Bryan Tienes, Chemist, CBR Concepts & Experimentation Branch (NSWCDD Z21) used the cryogenic capabilities of liquid nitrogen in a demonstration focused on highlighting the relationship between a material's temperature and its physical properties.  In the photo, Dr. Tienes is exhibiting the phenomenon of a magnet levitating over a low temperature superconductor chilled with liquid nitrogen.

Students Take on Navy Missions and Prepare for Future Careers with STEM
June 29, 2015
Students operate the Army Talon Ordnance Disposal Robot, mastering their skills on a robot designed to defeat counter-improvised explosive device at the Virginia Demonstration Project STEM summer academy at King George Middle School, King George, Virginia.

NSWC Dahlgren Laser Weapon System Team Wins 2014 Top Navy Scientists and Engineers Award
June 23, 2015
WASHINGTON (June 12, 2015) - Sean J. Stackley, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development, and acquisition, is joined by Dr. Delores M. Etter as he recognizes the Laser Weapon System (LaWS) engineering team from the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) during the 2014 Dr. Delores M. Etter Top Scientists and Engineers Awards ceremony at the Pentagon. LaWS is a collaborative effort between the Office of Naval Research, Naval Sea Systems Command, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and NSWC-DD. The system deployed aboard USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf in 2014.

British Royal Navy's Second Sea Lord Visits NSWC Dahlgren Division
June 22, 2015
Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) and British military officials pause in front of the Potomac River Test Range metal map during the UK delegation's tour June 10. Dahlgren scientists and engineers briefed the delegation on the command's testing facilities and technologies ranging from the electromagnetic railgun to the hypervelocity projectile. Briefings on directed energy programs included a high energy laser demonstration. "NSWCDD has a rich history of collaboration with the UK that includes many topics from short term tasks all the way to a missile agreement established in 1963 that we continue to support here today," said Jed Ryan,  NSWCDD International Partnering Office lead. "Working together with our allies during the science and technology as well as the RDT&E (research, development, test and evaluation) phases can lead to many benefits such as program improvements, cost and time savings plus enhanced interoperability."  Standing (l. to r.) are NSWCDD Commanding Officer Capt. Brian Durant; UK Defense Attaché to the US, Maj. Gen. Richard Cripwell; UK Royal Navy Second Sea Lord Vice Adm. Jonathan Woodcock; Ryan; Lt Col. Carl Harris, staff officer to second sea lord; Cmdr. Ned Kelly, UK assistant naval attaché to the US; Lt. Cmdr.  Mick Deakin, Personnel Exchange Program U.K. naval officer assigned to NSWCDD; and Steve Waterworth, British defense staff officer.

NSWCDD HSI Senior Military Deputy Retires at Dahlgren
June 10, 2015
DAHLGREN, Va. (June. 5, 2015) - Capt. Brian Durant, left, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) commanding officer, presents the Meritorious Service Medal certificate to Cmdr. Shawn Cowan, NSWCDD senior military deputy for human systems engineering during Cowan's retirement ceremony at the Aegis Training and Readiness Center auditorium

NSWCDD Human Resources Specialist Wins Annual NAVSEA Warfare Center Human Resources Award
June 10, 2015