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Q: What is the purpose of NEEC?
A:  NEEC provides research funding for relevant research at academic institutions and  provides opportunities for students to participate in hands-on research during the academic year to develop their technical skills. 




Q:  What kind of student is NEEC seeking to reach?
A:  Students with the best opportunities to succeed are pursuing an accredited technical degree and have a strong interest in working for a Navy Lab or center.




Q:  What kinds of degrees are desired by Navy labs?
A:  NEEC is for students Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees from a variety of accredited science or engineering programs.  New employees also get on-the-job training in technical fields that align to their disciplines and level of education.




Q:  How can academic institutions participate in NEEC?
A:  To start, research professors should prepare a white paper to address a BAA topic.  If the white paper is of interest, a request for proposal will be made.  The latest BAA topics and other guidance can be found at www.fbo.gov (type “NEEC” into the keyword search).




Q:  How can students participate in NEEC?
A:  Students at an academic institution should discuss participation with their advisors or professors – ask them to get involved -- if they aren’t already!.




Q:  Does NEEC provide opportunities for non-US citizens?
A:   For students, no.  A major tenet for NEEC is to hire graduating engineers and scientists that  are able to obtain a security clearance only available to US citizens.  Research faculty submitting white papers and proposals do not have to be U.S. citizens.




Q:  Will the Navy provide formal training and education after I become an employee?
A:  Yes!  Employees are encouraged continue training and formal education through  Navy programs that provide funding for  books and tuition.