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Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC)


         NEEC for Professors

The Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) program employs project-based research at colleges and universities that targets the Navy’s technology needs and cultivates a world-class Naval Engineering workforce via
student participation.


How can NEEC help you prepare for your career after graduation?


Project-based education is key to the NEEC experience and is designed to engage undergraduate and graduate students in multi-disciplinary research.

What is NEEC?


Warfare Center NEEC Directors

Warfare Center NEEC Directors gathered at NUWC Newport Division in July. Front row (sitting), from left: Devon Gormley, NSWC Indian Head EOD Technology Division, Katie Doug, NSWC Port Hueneme Division. Second row, from left: Rex Lawrence, NSWC Panama City Division, Sally Sutherland, Warfare Centers Headquarters NEEC Director, Liz Magliula, NUWC Newport Division, Karon Myles, NSWC Corona Division, Charlotte George, NSWC Carderock Division. Third row, from left: Chris Hodges, NSWC Dahlgren Division, John Wilkinson, NSWC Indian Head EOD Technology Division, Michael Golda, NSWC Philadelphia Division, Alan Jaeger, NSWC Port Hueneme Division, Thai Tran, NUWC Keyport Division, and Bryan Woolsey, NSWC Crane Division. (Photo by Rich Allen, McLaughlin Research Corporation)


Sally Sutherland 
Naval Engineering Education Consortium Director
NSWC-NUWC Headquarters
1176 Howell Street,  Newport, RI 02841
Office 401-832-8735

2021 NEEC Proceedings