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Who is Eligible

Purpose & Advantage Description
Centers for Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE)     Any private, entity set up by State or local governments. CITE designation as an arsenal- and/or depot-level activity allows the Navy to more efficiently maintain an in-house, organic energetics capability by enabling designated activities to effectively address and manage under-utilized capacity. This has a positive impact on operations due to increased direct investments in equipment and facilities, combined with cost sharing of a larger revenue base, resulting in higher levels of readiness with lower stabilized rates. A statutory authority (U.S. Code, Sect. 2474) that permits CITE-designated depot maintenance and military arsenal facilities to (1) enter into public-private partnerships with private, non-Government entities to perform work related to core competencies; (2) received reimbursement for use of under-utilized Government resources where capacities exist; and (3) be excluded from requirements limiting the amount of Government work contracted out to private industry within a fiscal year.