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Provisioning, Allowance and Fitting Out Support (PAFOS)

* chapters 4 and 8 are superseded by NAVSEAINST 4423.05 and NAVSEA M-4423.1


Policies and Procedures Manual Foreword 45K
Supply Support Overview Chapter 1 49K
Readiness Based Sparing Chapter 2 356K
Programming and Budgeting Chapter 3 58K
NAVSEA Program Managers Guide Chapter 4, App. A 215K
Provisioning Chapter 4 336K
Interim Supply Support Chapter 5 193K
Allowance Documents Chapter 6 45K
Ship Configuration & Logistics Support Information System & the Allowance Process Chapter 7 7K
Allowance Update and Maintenance Chapter 8 851K
Installation and Check-out (INCO) Material Chapter 9 15K
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List Preparation and Processing Appendix A 16K
Allowance Parts List Preparation and Processing Appendix B, Rev. 1 783K
Preliminary Allowance Lists Appendix C, Rev. 1 11K
Allowance Equipage List Preparation and Processing Appendix D, Rev. 1 116K