Entry-Level Business, Finance, Logistics

Consisting of 3 departments (Comptroller, Contracts and Corporate Operations) and comprised of trusted professionals dedicated to world-class customer service, NSWC Crane’s business departments partner with stakeholders to provide solutions to the toughest challenges the US Navy faces today and on into the future. Focusing on business excellence…we help harness the power of technology for the warfighter to ensure mission success.

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  • The Corporate Operations Department is responsible for providing timely and cost-efficient business, tactical, and strategic services to the overall Division in performance of the technical mission related to: HR, EEO & Diversity, Infrastructure, Corporate Communications, IT, Business Management and Analytics, and Property Management functions.

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The Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP) is a premier program within the Department of Defense for developing the future acquisition workforce. The program recruits and hires high performing entry level and associate or journey-level employees and centrally funds and manages their development into Acquisition Workforce (AWF) professionals. The program offers an extraordinary opportunity for those that desire to rapidly advance their professional career and feel a sense of pride supporting the mission of the Department of the Navy. Through the program, participants will become certified in a designated career field such as engineering, business and logistics; work in a variety of developmental assignments throughout the Naval Enterprise; travel for enriching learning experiences; be exposed to senior leadership; and have an opportunity to pursue advanced degrees.

More information about the Navy's NADP program can be found at: