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NSWC Crane Leadership puts a premium on workforce development opportunities for all employees.  Through leadership's commitment to workforce development, Crane Division University has been established as the Command's strategic approach to Workforce Development. The Workforce Development Branch is proud to offer a wide array of professional development opportunities to meet the ever-changing needs of our workforce, including Crane Division University (CDU) courses that are both developed and instructed by qualified Crane personnel.

In addition to the on-site course offerings that are provided in a range of subjects to ensure that every employee can find training opportunities to advance their career goals, the Workforce Development Branch also supports employees' needs for off-site developmental opportunities, such as conference attendance, rotational assignment, and training classes. Workforce Development is here to support all civilian employees' Mentoring, Academic, and Leadership Development needs in addition to assisting employees in meeting their position requirements, such as DAWIA certification and mandatory training. 

Download Workforce Development Info from the Human Resources Booklet


Journey Level Leadership (JLL) NAVSEA Program


NAVSEA created the JLL program to develop capable leaders for NAVSEA, now and in the future.  The program seeks high performing GS-11s through 13s, or equivalent, from across the Enterprise and provides them with opportunities to develop and strengthen their leadership skills.  The program's goal is to improve enterprise mission success by increasing the effectiveness of these selected professionals through participation in a leadership course, hands-on learning experiences and a team CAPSTONE project.  Graduation from the JLL demonstrates a focus on raising both organizational and individual performance.


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Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP)


The Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP) provides training to the next generation of the Department of Defense leaders. As authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act, 2010, Section 1112, fills a critical need, by enabling the Department of Defense (DOD) to focus on leader development at the entry level for the civilian workforce. Leadership development at this level establishes a baseline for further growth and development for the participant, as leadership responsibilities increase. DCELP builds on the competencies generally required for the Lead Self and Lead Teams/Projects level of the DOD Civilian Leader Continuum and supports the DOD Civilian Leader Development Framework. This program lasts 12-18 months with courses conducted at the DoD Executive Management Training Center (EMTC) in Southbridge, MA.  The graduation ceremony is conducted in Washington, DC.