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X-Department dominates competition, wins 2019 Director’s Cup
May 29, 2019
The Science and Technology Department was named the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division 2019 Director’s Cup champions May 22.

Navy Develops and Tests Rapid Pressure Fluctuation Chamber to Study Physiological Events
March 25, 2019
PANAMA CITY, Florida – Research Physiologist Lt. Travis Doggett, center, directs aircrew via radio during simulated flight in the Fluctuating Altitude Simulation Technology (FAST) system Jan. 14, 2019 at Navy Experimental Diving Unit. The system was developed and built by Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division.

NSWC Panama City Division Sparks Change through Center for Innovation
February 28, 2019
Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) has begun a journey to establish spaces and capabilities that will serve as enablers for innovation. The Center for Innovation was designed to give employees a place where they can network, brainstorm, and work through problems, with the tools they need.