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SERMC Sailors Certified Through NAMTS

By Scott Curtis | SERMC | Sept. 15, 2016


Vice Adm. Tom Moore presented each Sailor with a certificate of completion during an awards ceremony, and stressed the importance of achieving the qualifications for both professional growth and to become more valuable to the fleet.


"I truly enjoy the opportunity recognize outstanding Sailors who have completed an NEC through the NAMTS program," said Naval Sea Systems Commander Vice Admiral Tom Moore. “The experience gained here at SERMC will have an immediate, substantial impact personally and professionally for these Sailors, and when they return to sea after their tour they provide valuable skills that help keep ships in the fleet operational."


Engineman 1st Class Staci Allen said, “I can take the knowledge gained at SERMC back to sea, where I will be able to perform maintenance and repairs while underway, instead of having the ship to return to port.” Allen earned a Diesel Engine, Governor, and Injector Repair Technician NEC.


NAMTS is a professional development program that trains Sailors primarily in engineering and combat systems ratings to hone their skills through real-world experience.


“The NAMTS program is hands-on, meaning you have to demonstrate the knowledge to perform the required tasks,” said DC1 Fungai Diura of SERMC’s Watertight Door & Closures Shop. “It improves your skills and shows motivation for more challenging duty assignments.”


For more information about Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC), visit www.navsea.navy.mil/CNRMC/SERMC/.