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SWRMC Awards First Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) through NAMTS Program

By Cassandra Eichner, Southwest Regional Maintenance Center Public Affairs | Aug. 5, 2016


Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) awarded its first Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) through the Navy Afloat Maintenance Training program (NAMTS) at an awards ceremony in the SWRMC Engine shop July 28.

Two SWRMC Sailors completed the NEC with 41 more SWRMC Sailors currently enrolled in IC repair NAMTS.

“Receiving the NEC is an honor,” said Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Ernestian B. Nunez, IC NEC recipient. “There was a lot of work that was put into it and I am privileged to be one of the first Sailors to receive it.”

The implementation of the IC repair NAMTS at SWRMC was challenging as the availability of equipment needed to complete the job qualification requirement (JQR) was very limited. In an effort to alleviate the constraint, SWRMC’s Combat Systems Team worked with the Regional NAMTS Coordinator (RNC) to identify local resources that could support the JQR for the NEC.

NAMTS leadership networked with local training commands and Defense Media Activity (DMA) to acquire the necessary training resources and was able to successfully implement the IC NEC in October 2015.

“Our Sailors have been able to get their hands on training with the equipment that we do not have at SWRMC or we rarely, if ever, see,” said ICC (SW) Edward Craven, NAMTS skill area coordinator. “The partnerships allow us to work on the equipment at the training command to keep their items in perfect running condition and for our Sailors to experience the tasks listed in the PQS.”


The IC NEC is the 12th NEC offered at SWRMC through the NAMTS program. In the third quarter of fiscal year 2016, SWRMC graduated 80 Sailors from the program. Sailors are considered Journeymen upon completion.


In addition, Sailors are allowed to work on their US Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) concurrently with the JQR; SWRMC has several Sailors that are dual enrolled.


SWRMC’s mission is to superior ship maintenance, modernization, technical support, and training for the Pacific Fleet.


For more information about SWRMC, please visit http://www.swrmc.navy.mil/default.htm.