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French Naval Delegation Visits NSWC Dahlgren Division

By NSWCDD Corporate Communications | Sept. 28, 2015

DAHLGREN, Va. - French military officials touring Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), received briefings on Navy technical programs from the electromagnetic railgun to the hypervelocity projectile, Sept. 4.


The event, and recent British Navy visits, supports the Chief of Naval Operations' Sailing Directions to operate forward in new and flexible ways with access to strategic maritime crossroads.


"Our forward presence will build on and strengthen our partnerships and alliances where sea lanes, resources, and vital U.S. interests intersect," states the CNO Sailing Directions regarding the Navy’s contribution and characteristics over the next 10-15 years .


French Rear Adm. Jean-Philippe Chaineau, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff Plans and Programs, and French Rear Adm. Christian Dugué, Naval Technical Director for the Defense Procurement Agency, led the delegation which toured NSWCDD, including human systems integration, directed energy weapons, electromagnetic environmental effects, and electromagnetic railgun facilities.


"Working together with our allies during the science and technology as well as the RDT&E (research, development, test and evaluation) phases can lead to many benefits such as program improvements, cost and time savings plus enhanced interoperability," said Jed Ryan, NSWCDD International Partnering Office lead.


The French military officials also toured the gun line at the Navy's Potomac River Test Range — 715 acres of land and a 169-square-nautical-mile water area that stretches along the lower 51 miles of the Potomac River. They saw how Dahlgren's gun test facility evolved and expanded to include numerous scientific and response-force missions serving all branches of the United States armed forces.