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NEWS | March 19, 2015

Navy Amphibious Ship Receives Longer Lasting, More Efficient LED Bulbs

By Team Ships Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO - The LPD 17 class program (PMS 317) Program Executive Office, Ships completed installation of light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs on USS Somerset (LPD 25) Feb. 27, replacing legacy shipboard fluorescent light bulbs with longer lasting, more efficient LED bulbs.

Using LED lighting in a shipboard environment has several advantages over fluorescent lighting. Not only do LED bulbs deliver better light quality than fluorescent bulbs, they also provide improved energy efficiency and lifecycle cost savings. LED bulbs are more reliable and last over five times longer than their fluorescent counterparts, require less maintenance and significantly decrease the spare bulb footprint, which frees up stowage space. LED bulbs do not contain any hazardous materials, which eliminates the need for hazmat storage and eventual disposal.

"We are proud to be the next ship to field this technology," said Capt. Darren Plath, LPD 17 class program manager, Program Executive Office Ships. "The benefits of the LED bulbs include more than just energy efficiency - they are safer, require less maintenance and replacement, and improve our sailors' quality of life. We look forward to continuing to outfit LPD 17 class ships with LED bulbs."

The total ownership cost savings of the newly installed LED bulbs on LPD 25, will pay for the initial installation in approximately five years. The savings includes the cost of power and disposal per year compared to the fluorescent bulbs. The savings does not include the additional benefits such as reduced maintenance and improved light quality. The Navy is also pursuing LED lighting that will improve upon the present qualified products and their benefits as LED technology continues to mature.

The same bulbs installed on LPD 25 are being installed on several other Navy ships and craft, including Arleigh Burke Class destroyers, Ticonderoga Class cruisers, Amphibious Warfare ships, Coastal Patrol ships and Mine Warfare ships.

As one of the Defense Department's largest acquisition organizations, PEO Ships is responsible for executing the development and procurement of all destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, and special warfare craft. Currently, the majority of shipbuilding programs managed by PEO Ships are benefiting from serial production efficiencies, which are critical to delivering ships on cost and schedule.