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NEWS | June 1, 2022

NSWC Philadelphia Kicks Off Many Voices Campaign Phase Two

By Jermaine Sullivan

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division has entered into phase two of its Many Voices Campaign. Led by Robert Turner, NSWCPD’s deputy director of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), the Many Voices initiative aims to promote diversity through inclusion.

The six-month campaign started up again in March with six groups of NSWCPD employees taking part in six 90-minute sessions facilitated by six executive coaches from Small World Group. Five groups are experiencing the program for the first time, while one group is going through a second time with an advanced course load.

Each month features specific topics including:

1. Inclusive Diversity
2. Unconscious Bias, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology and Leadership
3. Psychological Safety and Creating Inclusive Cultures
4. Meaningful Conversations
5. Building Trust, Leading Teams Driving Results
6. Capstone-Strategic Recommendation

The first month’s session featured discussions on the topic “Inclusive Diversity”.

“I want to make a diversity cake. I’m going to get my flour, butter, eggs, sugar, milk, and I’m going to put it in the oven. What do I have? I have brown sugar, poached egg, melted butter, and warm milk. Do I have a cake? No. It’s not until we combine those ingredients that we have the cake that we are trying to pursue,” Turner said, explaining that diversity is important, but inclusion values the employee by including their needs.

Bryan Champion, a retired associate director of civil rights at the nuclear regulatory commission and an executive coach from Small World Group, gave an overview of the journey that each participant would go through over the six months.

“We are building community. As we build community amongst this small group this is the type of community that we hope we are able to replicate when you get back into your work environment,” Champion said, adding that there will be moments that will be uncomfortable, but it is in these uncomfortable situations that people begin to understand the struggles that each other faces.

Champion began his presentation with a video titled “Inclusion starts with I” by Utah State University. The video started with people from different genders, races, ethnicities, and sexualities sharing their issues with inclusion and ended with the sharing of messages of promoting inclusion in every aspect of life.

Champion proceeded to ask participants of the group to respond to the video. Participants mentioned that they shared some of the same issues with inclusion as those mentioned in the video. The rest of the presentation gave benefits of inclusion and diversity and how this can produce a greater workforce.

Participants met again in April to discuss “Unconscious Bias, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology and Leadership and in May to discuss “Psychological Safety and Creating Inclusive Cultures”.