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NEWS | Oct. 1, 2021

Navy Realigns Submarine Acquisition Workforce

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy’s submarine acquisition community moved from a competency- to a platform-centric organization during a change-of-office ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard today.

The change realigns two Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and initiates a third to better support submarine acquisition, operational capability and availability.

The Navy is committed to ensuring all decisions are aligned with and do not impact ongoing Columbia construction.

 “Aligning submarine acquisition and sustainment along platform lines, with cradle-to-grave ownership and accountability, is the most effective way to tackle the challenges we face and provide the nation with the most lethal undersea force possible,” said Rear Adm. Scott Pappano, PEO Strategic Submarines (formerly PEO Columbia), “I look forward to the opportunity to proactively manage the Ohio-to-Columbia transition, including strategic shore infrastructure and industrial base capacity, to ensure uninterrupted sea-based strategic deterrent coverage into the 2080s.”  

Program Executive Office Attack Submarines (formerly PEO Submarines) aligns Virginia-class efforts under one Flag officer. “Consolidating attack submarine platform acquisition, development, and sustainment under a single PEO will ensure our Navy maintains America’s and our allies’ competitive edge over our rivals,” said Rear Adm. David Goggins, PEO SSN, “specifically, aligning Virginia-class efforts under PEO SSN enables more effective planning for the lifetime of the boat and will ensure support smoother transitions from new construction to in- service for the Virginia-class.”

Program Executive Office, Undersea Warfare Systems (PEO UWS) will enable the delivery of enhanced combat capability, with improved cybersecurity and resiliency, to all submarine platforms. Furthermore, the creation of PEO UWS best positions Team Submarine to ensure undersea sensors and warfare systems are integrated into the Navy Operational Architecture in support of Distributed Maritime Operations.

“The realignment of Team Submarines provides a tighter focus on our three main platforms: Strategic, Attack, and Warfare Systems,” said Rear Adm. Edward Anderson, PEO USW, “standing up PEO UWS is a tremendous honor and will facilitate a greater focus on modernizing our sensors, combat systems and weapons, while improving our cybersecurity and platform resiliency.”

“This realignment is about ensuring we’re delivering combat power to the Fleet,” said Vice Adm. Bill Galinis, commander, Naval Sea Systems Command and ceremony host.  “Our submarines, first and foremost, are what help ensure the freedom of the seas that is critical to long-term military and economic stability in this era of strategic competition.”

The realignment does not require any new Flag Officer billets.