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Code 700 Wins Third Quarter OPSEC Award

By Kristi Britt, Public Affairs Specialist | Dec. 17, 2020


Each quarter a competition is held at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) to determine which shop or code showcases top excellence in the practices of Operations Security, or OPSEC. This competition sees many within the workforce go above and beyond the call of duty in protecting critical information. After another close race for the coveted title of “best of the best,” the 2020 Third Quarter OPSEC Awards saw a new reigning champion – the Lifting and Handling Department (Code 700).

OPSEC is the systematic method used to identify, control, and protect critical information and subsequently analyze friendly actions associated with military operations and other activities. All shipyard employees are expected to do their part in protecting information, storing and disposing of information properly so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With the help of each code’s designated OPSEC Coordinator, they strive to achieve the goal of protecting NNSY and the nation as a whole.

For any shop or code to win the title as the leader in OPSEC for NNSY, it takes a continuous effort in good OPSEC practices. Members of the OPSEC program do a thorough search through locations, scanning for storage of information, checking trashcans, as well as speaking with team members to see how well they know OPSEC.

“It’s been impressive seeing how many of our shipyard family have stepped up to the plate in helping to protect critical and unclassified information at the shipyard,” said OPSEC Program Manager Teresa Coon. “It’s been a close race the last two quarters, showing just how passionate these teams are in being good stewards of OPSEC. And I’m very excited to see our results continuing to improve each quarter.”

Code 700 received the 2020 Third Quarter OPSEC Award Nov. 12 for leading NNSY in controlling information as needed. The team received the OPSEC flag and pennant, as well as the Purple Dragon trophy named Violet to display in their code for the quarter. 

“OPSEC is an important part of all we do to keep things secure,” said Shipyard Commander Rear Admiral Howard Markle. “I know it takes a lot of hard work and diligence and I appreciate you all in Code 700 continuing to beat the drum and doing what you can to protect our shipyard, our Navy, and our nation.”

In addition, Code 700 OPSEC Coordinator James Nguyen, who has been in the position for a year, was presented with a Certificate of Achievement for his efforts in leading the charge for OPSEC within the code.

“Mr. Nguyen has really done a good job in his efforts since taking on the role of Code 700 OPSEC Coordinator – he and his code have done a marvelous job and we’re thrilled to be presenting them the award,” said Coon. “With COVID-19 looming overhead, it’s easy for some to get complacent in how they handle information as a whole. But Code 700 hasn’t slowed down or faltered in their efforts, truly showing they are a force to be reckoned with in protecting information.”

Nguyen said, “It really means a lot to me to see our hard work and dedication recognized and I’m very thankful to have my team in Code 700 by my side every step of the way.”

Lifting and Handling Director Terri Makely said, “I’m very proud of our team’s efforts. I look forward to our team continuing forward as leaders in the world of OPSEC. Our team was very close to winning the second quarter award and when the Quality Assurance Department (Code 130) issued the challenge to beat them, we stepped up to the plate and made it happen. Code 700 is going to fight hard to keep this title and do our part for America’s Shipyard and the Navy.”

To learn more about OPSEC, visit https://www.navy.mil/ah_online/opsec/.