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NEWS | Dec. 12, 2019

Cleanliness Warriors Celebrated for High Quality Performance

By Kristi Britt, Norfolk Naval Shipyard Public Affairs Specialist

The Cleanliness Community of Practice (C-CoP) celebrated the third quarter’s Cleanliness Warriors Nov. 14, rewarding two individuals who achieved excellence and have become inspirations to those throughout America’s Shipyard.

“The C-CoP works around the clock to ensure that cleanliness is held to a standard of excellence at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY),” said C-CoP Lead J.R. Dulce. “Dedicated individuals work hand-in-hand with every shop and code across America’s Shipyard, whether they be non-nuclear or nuclear, and address cleanliness from every aspect of the job. We can preach the principles of cleanliness but it takes that dedication across the board to get the job done and service the fleet. If cleanliness is not taken seriously, then it could significant impact the ships and the work we do onboard. So when there is good work being done, we want to recognize those folks and let them be seen by their brothers and sisters at America’s Shipyard. Their passion for their work inspires others and their strive for excellence is what truly makes them Cleanliness Warriors.”

The third quarter ceremony celebrated the efforts of two individuals from the Mechanical Group (Code 930). Boiler Shop (Shop 41) mechanics James Yung and Larry Montgomery were recognized for their continuous efforts in cleanliness as well as their efforts as part of the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) project. Both recipients were awarded a certificate of achievement, a Cleanliness Warrior sticker, a service award, and a C.O.R.E. award.

“Both Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Yung perform their duties in cleanliness with precision and first-time quality,” said Shop 41 Supervisor Lee Mcelhiney. “They require little supervision and guidance to perform assigned cleanliness work and excel at what they do. Whether it be performing in table top reviews, interactive briefs, or directly servicing the components on the vessels, these two go above and beyond in their duties. They have a solid understanding of the jobs we perform to maintain cleanliness which make them both valuable assets to Shop 41 and America’s Shipyard. And what’s more, they work well in a team environment and they mentor our apprentices on how to perform the work safely and accurately. A job well-done to both Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Yung! Shop 41 is proud of your accomplishments!”

Code 900 Production Resources Officer Cdr. James Kuhlman noted, “’Motivated by our inspiration in seeking to live by these C.O.R.E. values, we develop individuals and teams of increasing competence and character, with high levels of trust and confidence to treat one another exceptionally well.’ That comes directly from the Command Philosophy of NNSY and it is referring to our workforce. Individuals like Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Yung who represent the brightest spots in our shipyard – who work hard each day and go beyond the call of duty. Thank you both for your hard work. I urge you to continue to strive for excellence and inspire others with your good work.”