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CFC kicks off at Carderock WB with tailgate and car show

By By Edvin Hernandez, NSWCCD Public Affairs | NSWC Carderock | Oct. 23, 2019


The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) kicked off at Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division on Oct. 17 with a tailgate and car-show event.

Employees celebrated by wearing their favorite sports jersey and eating tasty foods brought in by Carderock staff from different departments. Exotic cars (new and old), motorcycles and even a homemade boat were on display in the parking lot of Maritime Technology Information Center for all to enjoy.

Five charity organizations visited the West Bethesda, Maryland, headquarters, as well, and provided information about their foundation, causes and goals. While CFC is a nationwide initiative, Carderock federal employees and retirees in the Washington metropolitan area donate to their local campaign, which is the National Capital Area.

Corporate Budget Analyst Allison McCollum and Administrative Officer Arline Grabner, who organized the tailgate and car show event, are Carderock’s CFC coordinators this year.

McCollum and Grabner are continuing to build on the campaign’s “Show Some Love” theme by encouraging Carderock employees to “tell your story.” Employees have the chance to sketch their cause, or reason for contributing, and have it added to a story collection to promote awareness.

According to McCollum, everyone is welcome to donate or volunteer his or her time. Federal employees who wish to donate money to an organization can even enroll in a payroll deduction that starts at a minimum $1 contribution.

“Every bit of giving is meaningful,” McCollum said. “Some might not think their contribution makes a difference, but it really does.”

Commanding Officer Capt. Cedric McNeal joined employees in the festivities and said he was proud of the Carderock workforce for supporting CFC.  

“I think CFC is important because it gets to the heart of an individual,” McNeal said. “It helps us understand where our passions are. I am thrilled members are encouraging folks to contribute to a greater good, cause or to those less fortunate than us going through some of life’s challenges.” 

Naval Sea Systems Command CFC Co-Campaign Manager Lisa Wallington attended her first Carderock CFC kick-off tailgate and were impressed by the spirit of the command.

“This is the best event that we have attended,” Wallington said. “We always hear about Carderock’s great kickoffs, but the amount of people here supporting each other is just amazing. Wow.”

There are more than 8,000 charities participating in this year’s CFC. McCollum and Grabner are continuing to look for more opportunities to get employees involved in volunteering across the base. Carderock employees have the opportunity to donate as little or as much time and money as they want throughout the campaign, which runs until Jan. 12, 2020.