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NEWS | Sept. 4, 2019

Navy Cybersecurity team achieves forensic examiner certification

By Katherine Mapp

Two Cybersecurity professionals at Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) recently achieved a milestone to strengthen our naval superiority.

Stacy Faison, command information system security manager (C-ISSM) at NSWC PCD, and Julia Lewis, information technology (IT) incident response handler at NSWC PCD, completed the Windows Forensic Analysis course and its associated Global Information Assurance Certification Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) exam.

In the six-day course, Faison and Lewis built in-depth digital forensics knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems. The GCFE exam certifies that both Faison and Lewis are able to conduct typical incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics, and tracing user and application activities on Windows systems.

According to Lewis, the knowledge gained from both the course and exam provided invaluable information and skills relevant to IT incident handling.

“Our command now has its own IT forensic support personnel with an industry top standard certification status,” said Lewis. “The knowledge and skills gained from the course and exam also allow IT forensic support personnel better transparency into command IT in the event of possible insider threat scenarios, infractions, and attacks.”

Lewis is responsible for responding to cyber-attacks, network intrusions, computer crimes, and violations of command IT policy. She is also responsible for investigation of IT security breaches, executing remediation, and reporting of incidents.

Faison, who is responsible for the overall Cybersecurity posture of the command, said the course will benefit the command’s cyber procedures.

“The knowledge and expertise gained from the class will allow me to assist Julia and to understand her findings to help guide the next steps into IT investigations.”

Lewis said she sees the need and importance of acquiring such knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the rapidly advancing, and ever changing cyber landscape.

“The terrain of the cyber landscape will only become more complex and difficult to navigate over time due to advancing technology and threats on all fronts,” said Lewis. “It is imperative that our Command personnel have and keep our advantage in Cybersecurity and the skills necessary to properly handle IT infractions and attacks.”