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Protocol: Creating world-class events one VIP visit at a time

By Susan H. Lawson | NSWC PCD | July 9, 2019


Protocol has proven to be a strategic asset that sets us apart from the competition as the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) strives to become “the Undisputed Technical Expert throughout the Littoral Battlespace.”

Protocol is the art of facilitating events for people from different backgrounds to finding common purpose, engaging strategic and sensitive issues, and creating long-term relationships.

So, how can the protocol office help you? By orchestrating details of visits and ceremonies from parking signs to ordering lunches, personalized seating cards for conferences, creating agendas, and much more.

Paying attention to these event details will afford event and meeting participants time to focus on the objectives of the meeting and create a memorable experience. 

The next time you have a visitor coming to the base, make sure their information is entered into the Visitor’s Log located at:


If you would like to request additional support, such as parking signs, or refreshments, please submit a request via the protocol page at:


If you have questions about protocol services, contact the NSWC PCD Public Affairs Office’s Protocol Officer at (850) 230-7400.