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Team Goes Above and Beyond in USS Ohio (SSGN 726) Emergency Diesel Generator Repairs

By Kristi Britt – Norfolk Naval Shiparyd's Public Affairs Specialist | July 8, 2019


Thanks to teamwork and dedication in a time of need, a naval asset is on its way to returning to the mission at hand.

A ceremony was held May 29 in the Diesel Shop (Shop 38) to celebrate the teamwork in emergency diesel generator repair efforts for Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Immediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF). 

In early 2019, NNSY received word from PSNS & IMF that the USS Ohio (SSGN 726) was in need of emergent repairs and the need to test, calibrate, and overhaul 26 fuel injection pumps. NNSY accepted the task and upon receiving the pumps went straight to work cleaning, testing, and calibrating them. Seven pumps required overhaul altogether and all completed pumps have been sent back to PSNS & IMF so the USS Ohio could complete the availability on schedule.

“The entire project has shown outstanding coordination between NNSY, PSNS & IMF, Submarine Squadron (SUBRON) 19, the Business Office, Engineering Waterfront and Planning Yard Support (Code 268), Shop 38, and Shipping and Receiving,” said Mechanical Engineering Tech Bob Damico. “There has been constant communication outlining the progress of the project and I’m very proud of our amazing team.”

Commander, SUBRON 19, Capt. Michael Lewis wrote concerning the repairs, “I would like to extend a very hearty thank you to the amazing team in Code 268 NNSY for the outstanding support you all provided during the recent repairs to the USS Ohio Emergency Diesel Generator.  Your team selflessly took on the assignment to test, calibrate and repair 24 fuel injection pumps completing this task well ahead of schedule, allowing the team on Ohio to reinstall the pumps and certify the Diesel Engine to support completion of their extended refit period at PSNS & IMF and subsequent return to operational service. We would not have been able to get the ship back on track to completing their availability on time if had not been for the selfless work by your team of professionals. SUBRON 19 and the USS Ohio Project greatly appreciate the support, excellent workmanship, and quick turnaround to allow the ship to meet major availability milestones.”

NNSY Chief Engineer Mark Everett attended the ceremony to share his congratulations with the team for its efforts on the diesel generator repair. “This team took critical work and ran with it. You worked safely. achieving first time quality and completed the job successfully with superior performance,” said Everett. “When our sister shipyard came to us seeking assistance with these national assets not in our backyard, we jumped at the chance to help and quickly turned everything around so that Ohio could continue their mission to the fleet. You are a team of high-performing individuals who worked together, learned from each other, provided feedback, and got the job done. This job is a testament to your efforts for the Ohio and for the U.S. Navy.”

Five key figures for the project were recognized during the ceremony, including Matthew Newton, Cameron Hormachea, Joshua Bratton, Cordero Cooper, and Russell Murphy. “These folks went above and beyond in the Ohio repairs, and truly exemplified C.O.R.E. – Care, Ownership, Respect, and Excellence. You worked together under the common mission, and you took ownership of the work and provided valuable training and conversation to those alongside you so you could all provide a quality product ahead of schedule,” said Damico. “Your dedication and service is celebrated and we thank you all for what you do each and every day.”