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OTA kick-off meeting attracts contractors, academia to address the Navy’s expeditionary needs

By Ashley Conner | NSWC PCD Public Affairs | June 27, 2019


Naval Surface Warfare Center Project Engineers and Project Managers are invited to attend the Expeditionary Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Kick-Off meeting July 12 from 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Majestic Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Fla.

OTA agreements made with Florida State University Expeditionary Warfare Prototyping multiple party teams (MPT), Textron Systems, Applied Research Associates Expeditionary Warfare Consortium, Rapid Expeditionary Solutions MPT and CSS Werx, LLC went into effect June 21.

“The OTA is a tool that allows us to acquire new equipment and systems and get them into the hands of the warfighter faster,” said John Allen, NSWC PCD United States Marine Corps Maneuver System physicist. “The goal of an OTA agreement is to attract academia, traditional and non-traditional defense contractors to address the Navy’s expeditionary needs.”

Five diverse MPTs comprise NSWC PCD’s Other Transaction (OT) for prototypes in accordance with 10 USC 2731b. The intent of OTs is to solicit innovative solutions to the Navy’s technology gaps.

The agreements were awarded to the MPTs for a base of two years, with two, two-year option periods for a total potential period of performance lasting six years. The agreement has a cumulative ceiling amount of $100 million.

“It’s all about going faster. We have another arrow in our quiver to enable us to move quickly from prototype to production. Now we need to use it,” said Ed Stewart, NSWC PCD technical director. “I believe this expeditionary OTA will be vital to rapidly acquiring solutions to improve the lethality of the fleet.”