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NSWC PCD employee hones skills on Navy’s Marksmanship team

By Ashley Conner | NSWC PCD | June 3, 2019


Jeff King, a Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) Diving and Life Support technician and a member of the United States Navy Marksmanship and Action Shooting Team, recently hosted and ran the 2nd Annual Navy East Coast Championship Multi-Gun Competition at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va. 


“Myself and five other active duty Sailors hosted and participated in the competition, which consisted of four stages; Pistol only Stage, Rifle only Stage, Shotgun only Stage, and Multi-Gun Stage,” said King. “Although we are a team representing the United States Navy, there is no winning team, only rankings.”


The sport of Multi-Gun requires proficiency in rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Matches are composed of stages in which competitors must neutralize all targets. Stages may include any combination of the three firearms for successful completion. 


“Action shooting incorporates marksmanship fundamentals, firearms safety, accuracy, stage planning, and execution,” said King. “Once the timer beeps it is speed and accuracy that win!”


King retired from the Navy in 2014 as a Diving and Medical technician and devotes six hours a week training.


“I am fortunate to have my own personal practice range,” said King. “I spend most weekends there conducting live fire drills and marksmanship practice. “ 


The mission of the United States Navy Marksmanship Team is to train Sailors in marksmanship and small arms safety, while implementing Navy innovation in small arms technologies. King said he is proud to represent the Navy and is optimistic about the future popularity of the sport.


“Visibility of our team is growing and the caliber of individuals wearing the Navy Marksmanship jersey is increasing,” he said. “I am hopeful that involvement from commands across the Fleet will encourage more Sailors take an interest in this sport which will have an overall positive impact on the lethality of the Fleet.”