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NUWC Division Newport wins Navy public affairs award in digital engagement

By NUWC Division Newport Public Affairs | May 3, 2019


The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport Public Affairs Office has won the 2018 Thompson-Ravitz Award for Excellence in Navy Public Affairs in the Digital Engagement category.

This Navy-wide award program is highly competitive, and NUWC Newport, the only winner in the digital engagement category, is being recognized for achieving a synchronized approach to communicating command information with key audiences across the digital information spectrum and achieving a cohesive communication objective.

In 2018, NUWC Newport intensified recruiting efforts to key audiences on social media outlets Facebook and LinkedIn, with cross-postings from the command’s public website to meet an aggressive goal for new hires. With a strategic approach to messaging and cohesive communications plan, NUWC Newport met its appointed goal of 325 new hires (with another 43 interns hired) and found an overwhelming response to the new methods employed for recruiting.                      

To achieve the Command’s hiring goal, the Public Affairs Office worked closely with recruiting staff to develop a plan for more intensified use of social media and NUWC Newport’s public website in order to reach an audience that utilizes social media daily. Some of the key actions that were used in this effort included designing a new graphic to assist with messaging, focusing on early promotion of hiring events, featuring profiles of employees hired in recent years and sharing live pictures and messaging through social media from the recruiting events. The command met its hiring goal in 2018, and efforts continue to engage audiences prior to events and job announcements, with plans for adding video vignettes of employees to future events.

NUWC Division Newport, part of the Naval Sea System Command, is one of two divisions of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. NUWC Division Newport’s mission is to provide research, development, test and evaluation, engineering and fleet support for submarines, autonomous underwater systems, undersea offensive and defensive weapons systems, and countermeasures. NUWC’s other division is located in Keyport, Washington.