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NEWS | May 2, 2019

Norfolk Naval Shipyard's Shop 56 Wins 2018 Annual Safety Flag Award

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Annual Safety Flag Award is given to those whose overall commitment to and improvements in safety stand out above the rest. It encompasses lowering injury rates, and involvement from employees all the way to leadership. For 2018, the winner showed all these traits and an outstanding commitment to a safe and healthful workplace – Code 960’s (Pipefitting Division) Shop 56 (Pipe Shop).
“Shop 56 has a commitment to safety and it shows in their results,” said Jill Wild, Code 106 Safety Division Head. Shop 56 achieved an injury reduction of 83 percent from the previous year. In addition, the team showed an aggressive injury reduction plan throughout the code by implementing robust preventive measures, many of which provided considerable savings to the shipyard and help ensure the employees are safe on the jobsite at all times. Other achievements include having active participation at the code safety meetings, reductions in deficiencies by 71 percent, and increased safety surveillances in the work area. “This award is not something to take lightly. Shop 56 has made tremendous strides in the last year and it shows in the numbers. It’s not simply because of the reduction of injuries, it’s also because of how the team is involved and how everyone is looking out for one another. Shop 56 truly resonates with what it means to be safety conscious.”
A ceremony was held April 9 in Bldg. 202 to celebrate Shop 56’s achievements. The team was presented the safety flag for a year to be displayed within the shop for all to see.
“Our folks have been knocking it out of the park with everything they do and I’m very proud of all of their accomplishments,” said Code 960 Superintendent John Tuthill. “Shop 56 is doing the right thing and making sure each of us are working safe and working smart on the job. We’re going to keep the momentum going and show the shipyard that we are the standard of excellence when it comes to safety. Great job Shop 56!”
Code 960 Safety Representative Jessica Younger received a C.O.R.E. award for her efforts in helping Shop 56 become a safety-conscious team. “Jessica’s been there for each of us and has looked out for us every step of the way,” said Tuthill. “She stays connected with our folks and sees what ways we can improve how we work safely. She keeps up motivated and she’s a tremendous asset to our team.”
Code 900 Production Resource Officer Cmdr. James Kuhlmann and Shipyard Commander Capt. Kai Torkelson came to the ceremony to join in the celebration and praise the efforts of Shop 56.
“I’ve had the pleasure during my tenure here at NNSY to come to two annual safety flag ceremonies here in Code 960. It’s truly a testament that you all are embracing C.O.R.E. values in regards to safety,” said Cmdr. Kuhlmann. “Now that your team is at the top, it’s going to take just as much effort if not more to remain there. But I see your dedication and I know you can achieve this. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to many more trips here to celebrate your achievements.”
Capt. Torkelson added, “Shop 56, you impress me with everything you do. Doing well in safety helps us do well in production and helps us to be more efficient overall. You all have proven that with your achievements and I salute you. You truly exemplify C.O.R.E.”