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2019 NSWC STEM Science Fair & Expo creates unique learning environment for regional students

By NSWC Crane Corporate Communications | April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019

CRANE, Ind. – Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Department hosted a youth science fair at WestGate Academy on April 4, 2019.

292 students from 14 southern Indiana schools participated at the annual NSWC Crane Science Fair this year.  Several NSWC Crane personnel volunteered as judges and reviewed more than 180 projects.

Tina Closser, head of NSWC Crane’s STEM Program, says this is the 35th annual science fair that NSWC Crane has been involved in.

“It’s important for the students to make connections with not only professionals in the STEM community, but with other likeminded students,” says Closser. “It is also important for the community to see the emphasis we put on STEM and students who are interested in STEM.”

Closser says the science fair creates a unique learning experience.

“The science fair gives students an opportunity to explore science hands-on and take their classroom work outside of the classroom,” says Closser. “It gives them a chance to see how science plays a part in their everyday world. I do enjoy seeing the kids network and ask each other about their projects, totally unprompted by adults.”

NSWC Crane professionals also showcased technology from each of Crane’s mission areas: Electronic Warfare, Strategic Missions, and Expeditionary Warfare. Students were able to see first-hand how learning STEM skills can apply to a career later in life.

NSWC Crane is a naval laboratory and a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) with mission areas in Expeditionary Warfare, Strategic Missions and Electronic Warfare. The warfare center is responsible for multi-domain, multi- spectral, full life cycle support of technologies and systems enhancing capability to today's Warfighter. 

The following students earned honors with their projects:

Behavioral Science Junior Division

  • First:              Karleigh LeMond & Reagan Fortwendel                         Jasper Middle School
  • Second:         Ellie Knies & Hope Fromme                                            Jasper Middle School
  • Third:             Brenna Hildenbrand & Haley Laymon                             Jasper Middle School

Behavioral Science Senior Division

  • First:               Richelle Elkes & Walter Richardson                              The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship
  • Second:         Kaylin Cooksey                                                               Linton High School
  • Third:             Kristen Howard                                                               North Daviess High School

Biology Junior Division

  • First:               Hallie Skorge & Kaleigh Dunn                                       Jasper Middle School
  • Second:         Tori Brandt & Karis Wigand                                            Jasper Middle School
  • Third:             Elizabeth Zaragoza                                                        Bloomfield Elementary

Biology Senior Division:

  • First:               Lizzy Busch                                                                   The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship
  • Second:         Maxwell Christmas                                                         Loogootee High School
  • Third:             Aulbrey Cates, Dekon Kaiser & Logan Moffatt               North Daviess High School

Chemistry Junior Division

  • First:               Klee Sill                                                                         Homeschool
  • Second:         Mollie Parsley & Matthew Cordell                                  Eastern Greene JH School
  • Third:             Jillyan Dickinson                                                            Eastern Greene JH School

Chemistry Senior Division:

  • First:               Aubrea Borders                                                             North Daviess High School
  • Second:         Whitney Watkins                                                            North Daviess High School
  • Third:             Paige Closser                                                                North Daviess High School

Consumer Science Junior Division

  • First:               Allison Schnarr & Abby Buschkoetter                          Jasper Middle School
  • Second:         Kaitlyn Kaeck                                                                Jasper Middle School
  • Third:             Jonathan Lyttle & Zoie Ault                                           Eastern Greene JH School

Consumer Science Senior Division:

  • First:               Sage Harker                                                                Shoals High School
  • Second:         Caleb Belcher                                                              Shoals High School
  • Third:             Hunter Deaton & Luke Chambers                                The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship

Computer Science Junior Division

  • First:               Leyla Brantley & Oakilyn White                                  Templeton Elementary
  • Second:         Kenan Gorby                                                               White River Valley
  • Third:             Ian Corbin                                                                    Bloomfield Elementary

Environmental Science Junior Division

  • First:               Boone Holtsclaw & Miles Skomp                                Bloomfield JH School
  • Second:         Adalyn Wiseman                                                          Bloomfield JH School
  • Third:             Elise Lampert & Jade Maki                                          Jasper Middle School

Environmental Science Senior Division:

  • First:               David Holt                                                                   North Daviess High School
  • Second:         Lukas Sons                                                                  The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship
  • Third:             James Smith &  Jacob Loveless                                  North Daviess High School

Innovations Junior Division

  • First:               Delaney Ruhlman & Gage Ray                                   Eastern Greene JH School
  • Second:         Kiersten Page & Emma Bonebright                             Eastern Greene JH School
  • Third:             Taylor Thompson                                                         Bloomfield Elementary

Innovations Senior Division:

  • First:               Sam Fischman & Jesse Kogg                                    The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship

Physics Junior Division

  • First:               Sean Borneman                                                         University Elementary
  • Second:         Isaac Roach & Ben Mechinus                                     Eastern Greene JH School
  • Third:             Abigail Burkhart                                                           Eastern Greene JH School

Physics Senior Division:

  • First:               Garrett Huff                                                                North Daviess High School
  • Second:         Reid Morris                                                                 North Daviess High School
  • Third:             Elijah Cagle                                                                The Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship