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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month NSWC PCD

By Susan H. Lawson | NSWC PCD | April 15, 2019


Bryan Tien Le, mechanical engineer at NSWC Panama City Division (PCD) Diving and Life Support Division, is from Santa Ana, California. Le was born in Vietnam and his family migrated into the United States in 1995.

Le obtained a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas and began working at NSWC PCD in June 2017.

Le’s current work includes a Light Emitting Diode’s (LEDs) Air Warning System (LAWS) unit, which is attached to a full face mask allowing divers to physically see how much gas supply they have left through an array of LEDs. In addition, Le is part of the Divers Augmented Vision Display team, which supports divers operating in low visibility water by transferring visual information such as: sonars, blueprints, maps, 2D-3D images, and videos.

“It is a privilege to work with a huge variety of engineers and I am extremely thankful for all the inputs I get from them,” said Le. “They offer a vast amount of knowledge and I am grateful to inherit their knowledge.”