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View from the Bridge - April 2019

By Capt. Aaron Peters, Commanding Officer | NSWC Panama City Division | April 11, 2019


This month marks six months since Hurricane Michael ripped through the Panhandle and forever changed our lives and our landscape. Many of your homes are in need of repair and many of your office spaces are in similar condition. Despite all this, you continue to emulate what it means to be the undisputed technical experts throughout the littoral battlespace.

What you do on a daily basis supports the National Defense Strategy, Chief of Naval Operation’s Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority 2.0, and the Naval Sea Systems Command Campaign Plan to Expand the Advantage 2.0. Our command’s greatest asset is its people – people are the foundation of the Navy. Our ability to design and develop innovative solutions to challenging problems helps us rapidly deliver solutions to ensure warfighting dominance.

At NSWC Panama City Division, we provide foundational capabilities for the warfighter, and I am excited that a few of you will have the opportunity to show off your technical expertise and projects at the Department of Defense Lab Day at the end of the month.

Also this month, our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Outreach team will be inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at the Invention Convention April 13 at the Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University Panama City Campuses. If we are to remain the most technologically sophisticated country in the world, it is your involvement in events like these that will help us to achieve it.

Throughout the April 2019 edition of the Coastal Compass, we will learn more about the FY19-23 Strategic Campaign Plan Goal #2 to “Be the undisputed technical expert throughout the littoral battlespace.” To accomplish this goal, we must harness our in-house technical leadership and expertise, while also fostering our strategic partnerships. None of that can be accomplished without a clear vision for the future of the command.

I encourage you to join the conversation and follow along on our Strategic Campaign Plan Wiki page as we embark on this strategic journey to Ensure Warfighting Dominance in the Littoral Battlespace.