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Hurricane Ida Salvage Support
October 6, 2021

U.S. Navy Recovers MH-60S Helicopter from Record Depth
March 22, 2021

SUPSALV supports NATO missions by clearing sunken dredge barge from the Port of Alexandroupoli, Greece
September 4, 2019

Young Relieves Lehnhardt as SUPSALV Director
August 2, 2019

Navy diving equipment tested by astronauts for space exploration missions
July 16, 2019

Joint U.S. Navy/Army Team Removes Oil from Sunken WWII Ship
November 2, 2018

SUPSALV delivers temporary pumping capacity to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Season
July 11, 2018

EX‐USS SHADWELL Disposal – Wreck in Place
February 20, 2018

NAVSEA Assists with Hurricane Recovery
October 19, 2017

Lehnhardt Relieves Baumann as SUPSALV Director
May 18, 2016

Navy Scientists and Engineers Develop Dive Buddy to Assist Divers
April 20, 2016

SUPSALV Validates LCS APU Removal/Installation Procedures
March 17, 2016

Team Searches for Vanished U.S. - Flagged Vessel: Joint team searches for El Faro
March 14, 2016

SUPSALV Supports CSS Georgia Recovery Operations
July 23, 2015

SUPSALV clears Fort Pierce Channel of sunken barge
April 23, 2015

Navy's Oldest Ship Receives Hull Cleaning
April 16, 2015