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 Marine Corps Gazette
All articles are shared with the permission of, and copyright retained by, the Marine Corps Gazette.


Adapting SMAW to Urban Fighting Again, A densified propellant for firing from enclosures
October 2015


Meeting EOD’s Rapidly Expanding Problems
November 2014


Naval R&D & Marine Corps Innovation, Advancing assault breaching
February 2014


Shoulder-Launched Munitions, R&D Transformation & infantry fighting again
September 2013

 Enhancing Mortar Capabilities, A premium indirect fire support system
April 2012
   Beyond the Status Quo, Marines, energetics R&D and the art of the possible
March 2010

 National Defense Magazine
All articles are shared with the permission of, and copyright retained by, National Defense Magazine.

Naval Energetics Research Needs Renewed Focus
February 2016


Navy Center Works to Keep Energetics Industrial Base Moving
November 2014


U.S. Losing Critical Skills Needed to Weaponize Unmanned Systems
July 2009


 Defense AT&L Magazine
All articles are shared courtesy of Defense AT&L Magazine.
Keeping Naval Guns Ready
March-April 2016
  Predicting Weapon Effects for Defense and Homeland Security
May-June 2014
  Mini-Warriors Microelectromechanical Systems: A Munitions Revolution
February 2014
  A Cost-Efficient Approach to Inventory Management;Using IUID to Meet an Orga January-February 2013
 Meeting Challenges Across Defense and Beyond, Energetics R&D in Systems Engineering
July-August 2012

 Proceedings Magazine
All articles reprinted from Proceedings with permission of; and copyright retained by U.S. Naval Institute.
 Closing the R&D Gap
January 2015
  What's So Important About Energetics?  EVERYTHING
April 2009