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Navy Shipboard Fiber Optics:
NAVSEA Drawings


NAVSEA Drawing 7339714 Rev. - (3 pgs., 33.2k)
Title: Adapter, Bulkhead, Fiber Optic Cable
Description: This NAVSEA Drawing defines the "Fiber Optic Bulkhead Adapter" used to feed a cable through an equipment enclosure. The Kevlar within the cable is captured by the bulkhead adapter to provide strain relief for the cable. The Optical Fiber Cable Components are terminated with light duty connectors to make connections inside the enclosure.

NAVSEA Drawing 7579995 Rev. - (15 pgs., 408k)
Title: Adapter, Bulkhead, Blown Optical Fiber
Description: This drawing defines the requirements for a Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) Bulkhead Adapter Assembly for fiber optic cable. This bulkhead adapter is designed to transition BOF fibers emanating from single-tube BOF cables into loose tube furcation cables (similar in function to optical fiber cable components) at the equipment I/O interface. The single-tube BOF cable utilized with this adapter meets MIL-PRF-84045/26.

NAVSEA Drawing 8283420 Rev. A (5 pgs., 139kb)
Title: Tester, Retention Clip Seating, Termini, Fiber Optic, MIL-PRF-29504/4, /5, /14, /15, and /18
Description: This Navy drawing supports the Government's intent to provide the Fleet/Field maintainer with a means to inspect for and verify that a terminus is seated properly within the connector insert.

NAVSEA Drawing 8479606 REV A (4 pgs. 81 kb)
Title: Cable, Fiber Optics, 18 Fibers, Enhanced Performance, Configuration Type 2 (OFCC), Application B (Shipboard), Class MM/SM Mixed
Description: This Navy Drawing contains the detailed requirements for an 18 Fiber, Enhanced Performance, Cable Configuration Type 2 (OFCC), Application B (shipboard), Cable Class MM/SM Mixed cable containing both MM and SM fiber for use on Navy ships and submarines.


Last Updated: 1/16/2020