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Strengthening the Technical-to-Tactical Link to Ensure Fleet Readiness

By Admiral Bill Gortney 

Admiral Bill Gortney
United States Fleet Forces Command

The Navy must identify, correct, and work to prevent gaps between platforms, sensors, systems, and weapons that form kill chains. Integration and Interoperability (I&I) improves warfighting capability by assessing gaps between systems and platforms, and by providing gap closure recommendations across the range of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities solutions. I&I activity also identifies barriers – breaks in the kill chain – and aligns responsible stakeholders across the naval enterprise to effectively resolve those barriers and ensure Fleet readiness. The ability to assess and obtain feedback from the warfighter through a tight technical-to-tactical linkage with scientists and engineers is foundational for this ongoing effort.

United States Fleet Forces Command contributes to the prioritization for the I&I assessment agenda to ensure the focus remains on the warfighter and commanders. The resulting I&I assessment agenda focuses on capability gaps in operational and contingency plans. This integrated approach connects input from Fleet operators to the technical community. It supports our responsibilities as the chief advocate for warfighter readiness< production in the Fleet. I&I ensures that our policies, resources, and products are aligned and prioritized to deliver ready forces to the naval component and combatant commanders.

I encourage you to read and learn more about I&I in this edition of Leading Edge. Investing time and effort in I&I pays great dividends; it will contribute to a whole and ready Fleet that is capable of meeting the operational challenges of the future.