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OVERVIEW                                                                OPERATIONAL Integration & Interoperability     

Mission Engineering
Integration and Interoperability (I&I)

By Dr. James D. Moreland Jr.

DEVELOPMENTAL Integration & Interoperability  
Maintaining Technical and Operational Cohesiveness
Across Mission Areas

By Mary Lacey

Integrated Capability Framework:
Building a Metadata Structure for Diverse Products

By Stephen R. Haug

System of Systems Engineering Guidance
By William F. Ormsby

Integrated Mission Baselines:
Using Fleet-Owned, System Command Serviced
Architectures to  Improve System Integration and

By Joseph Pack

Capability Acquisition Management:
Modifying the Acquisition Process to Emphasize I&I

By Joel Washington

I&I From a Cost Perspective
By Jonathan Brown and Sarah Lloyd

Mission Level Assessment and Evaluation:
Driving Fleet Exercises and Experimentation Based
on Mission Effectiveness

By Greg McHone

The Science of Integration "What Lurks in the Darkness
of the Interstitial Space?"

By Neil Baron

Capability Evolution Documents:
Managing R&D and S&T Investments to Improve
Warfighting Capabilities

By Anthony Zilic

Integration and Interoperability Fratricide Safety
By Peggy L. Rogers and Michael G. Zemore

Strengthening the Technical-to-Tactical Link to
Ensure Fleet Readiness

By Admiral Bill Gortney

Warfare Capability Baseline:
Assessing Operational Gaps

By David A. Clawson, Sara E. Wallace,
Gregory D. Little, and Keith Wheeler

Closing the Gaps...Capability Solutions Management
By Linda Learn

Technical-to-Tactical Interfaces:
Importance of Consistent Interfaces between
Warfighters and Scientists/Engineers

By Greg McHone and Dr. James D. Moreland, Jr.

Exploring Solutions Across Doctrine, Organization,
Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education,
Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) Using
Orchestrated Simulation through Modeling (OSM)

By Sara Wallace and Mary Ann Cummings

Mission Level Test and Experimentation:
Drive Mission Level Performance During Early

By Neil Baron, Darren Barnes,
and Dr. James D. Moreland, Jr.

Strike Force Interoperability Officer (SFIO) Program
By Commander Matthew Carroll, USN

This edition of the Leading Edge features articles describing NSWCDD’s work in pioneering integrated solutions for the Surface Navy as part of the overall Navy I&I Enterprise. This edition is structured to highlight our specific contribution to the two primary areas of focus, Developmental I&I and Operational I&I.

To view each individual article, click the article title.