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PSNS & IMF honors 27 employees, Sailors at ceremony

PSNS & IMF Public Affairs

Shane Olinger, the 2015 PSNS & IMF Employee of the Year in the Trades and Craft (mechanical, non-supervisory) is flanked by Capt. Howard Markle, PSNS & IMF commander (left) and Capt. James Jones, IMF commander, during the Employee of the Year ceremony.(U.S. Navy photo by Jason Kaye)

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility honored 27 employees and Sailors as the best in their respective categories at the annual Employee of the Year Ceremony Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Admiral Theater.

Employees, families, friends and well-wishers packed the theater to see winners announced from among more than 200 employees and Sailors who were nominated for their performance during 2015.

PSNS & IMF Commander Capt. Howard Markle presented awards to winners in categories ranging from highly technical engineering functions to administrative professionals to the traditional shipyard trades. The Command also recognized employee achievements in safety, vision and innovation, volunteer service and a special “Spirit of Compassion” group. In addition, the Command honored Sailors and junior Sailors of the Year from the Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bangor and the Shipyard’s Everett Detachment.


“This truly is a great honor and a privilege for me,” said Markle during the ceremony. “Over the course of any given day, most of my time is spent on executing our very difficult mission. And all too often, we forget the most important part of our mission, and that’s to recognize the efforts of the all people who do many amazing things each and every day. Ultimately these efforts lead to successfully executing our mission and pushing the ships back out to sea.”

More than 200 nominees for Sailor and Employee of the Year honors pause for a photo before the April 6 ceremony. (U.S. Navy photo by Jason Kaye)

Honored were:


PSNS & IMF and Everett Detachment Sailor of the Year

HT1 (SW/EXW) Jeffrey A. Hanke

PSNS & IMF and IMF Junior Sailor of the Year

ND2 David A. Hilborn II

Intermediate Maintenance Facility Sailor of the Year

EM1 Dammeone E. Gray

Everett Detachment Junior Sailor of the Year

GSM2 (SW) Brandon D. Theesfeld

Commander’s Excellence in Safety award, employee category

Benjamin A. Collier

Commander’s Excellence in Safety award, Manager category

Brian Fazio

Administrative, Clerical and Support Services, GS-10 or equivalent and below

Elizabeth A. Soliday

Administrative and Support Services, GS-11 or equivalent and above

Laurina M. Hector

Administrative Managerial/Supervisory, (non-engineering, non-trade)

Brenda C. Lancaster

Engineering Managerial/Supervisory

Brandon V. Draper

Trades & Craft - Structural (non-supervisory), WG-06 and above

Kevin A. Fischer

Trades & Craft - Mechanical (non-supervisory), WG-06 and above

Shane M. Olinger

Trades & Craft - Electrical (non-supervisory), WG-06 and above

Tracy S. Nelson

Trades & Craft - Service (non-supervisory), WG-06 and above

Bryon E. Brown

Trades & Craft - Structural (non-supervisory), WG-05 and below

Mathew S. Chance

Trades & Craft - Mechanical (non-supervisory), WG-05 and below

Johnathan T. Leon Guerrero

Trades & Craft - Electrical (non-supervisory), WG-05 and below

Mark D. Heyden

Trades & Craft - Service (non-supervisory), WG-05 and below

Jacky V. Tang

Trades Supervisor (foreman)

William E. Leasure

Managerial Supervisor - Trades/Project (2nd-level or above)

Benjamin S. Godsey

Engineering/Professional - Waterfront support (degreed or equivalent)

Thomas E. Stamey

Engineering/Professional – Planning/indirect support (degreed or equivalent)

Ronald E. Simmons


Daniel R. Hager

Technical/Professional (non-engineering, non-supervisory)

Jacob C. Styron

The Vision/Innovation Award

John F. Fahey

Outstanding Volunteer Services

Ira (Reuben) Farley

Spirit of Compassion

Kevin S. Albert


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