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 PSNS&IMF Detachment Everett Capabilities


A team comprised of military/civilian blended workforce that provides intermediate and depot level maintenance and modernization for Surface Ships homeported and visiting Naval Station Everett (NSE), Washington.

Planning and Engineering

Provides technical work packages and Engineering Resolution for continuous maintenance support. All technical work documents (TWD) provides a craftsman with clear, concise, and technically correct procedures to complete all maintenance tasks. Planners will ensure all materials required to complete each package are researched, ordered, and tracked to ensure repairs are completed successfully.

Fleet Technical Support

Provides all Technical Assist calls to all Ships in the Pacific Northwest. Fleet Technical Support also provides various additional services such as:

  • Gun Barrel, Small Arms, and Magazine Sprinkler Inspections
  • 2M/MTR Recertifications
  • Field Calibration Activity Certification
  • Inspection and Certification of Shipboard Night Vision Device
  • Infrared Surveys
  • Diesel Engine Inspections
  • Inspection and Certification of Cargo Weapons Elevators

Project Manager Representatives

The PMR maintains situational awareness of Ship Systems either class or system specific for lifecycle and readiness issues that impact operational readiness. This information provides fleet feedback to the Program Sponsors for continuous improvement of the program.

Port Engineers

Port Engineers are the local Type Commander (TYCOM) representative who validates maintenance and repairs acting as the ship's Commanding Officer's maintenance advocate.