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Q. How often do I need to recertify as a 2M or MTR technician?
A. Tech recertification should be completed before the 18-month cert expires. Contact us to schedule. See the Technician Recertification link on our webpage.
Q. How long does a 2M technician recertification take?
A. Technician Recertification normally takes 2-3 days depending on the proficiency of the technician. Refer to the 2M Certification Manual for more information.
Q. Is the new ESD cleaner authorized for shipboard use?
A. All 2M hazaradous material is authorized for shipboard use and have corresponding MSDS sheets. Review the applicable Ships Hazardous Material List (SHML) for information on authorized HAZMAT.
Q. How do I submit MTRTS data?
A. Run MTRTS program, select Backup Database from the File menu. The backup creates a zip file which is named with your command's UIC followed by mtr. For example, the USS Enterprise backup file would be 03365mtr.zzz. Backup the data to a CD or floppy disk and email the file to 2mtrdata@navy.mil.
Q. Why does my ProTrack 1 report Invalid Range Hardware Error?
A. If you receive an error while using the ProTrack 1 that states Hardware Error Invalid range for selected hardware. ProTrack user verify voltage is at or below MaxV setting of ProTrack 1 it indicates that the Gold Disk was developed for the older 5100DS, with voltages that are out of range of the ProTrack 1. Perform the scan using the Huntron Tracker 2000 to observe signatures and compare with the stored signatures in the Protrack controller.