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The Miniature/Microminiature Electronics Repair (2M) and Module Test and Repair (MTR) Program supports testing and repair of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCA) and Electronic Modules (EM) at the Fleet O- and I-levels. All failed CCA/EM are candidates for 2M/MTR screening and repair, and these repaired items may be certified Ready For Issue (RFI) at the O-level by testing in an operational system.

An effective 2M/MTR Program will ensure that all CCA/EM are being screened for possible repair prior to ordering a replacement through the Supply Department. Fleet and shore units benefit from greater self-sufficiency, reduced equipment downtime and realize significant OPTAR savings. FY12 savings incurred for the Fleet totaled over $38M, with 11,350 repairs completed and 627 CASREPs averted.

The 2M/MTR Inspections and Certifications Branch is committed to supporting the Fleet by providing: