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2M/MTR Technician Recertification

Allows 2M and MTR certified technicians to comply with Certification Manual Follow-on Requirements, which state that a 2M/MTR Inspector shall conduct a Performance Test every 18 months using the applicable Appendix C, D or E. 2M Mini or 2M Micro recertification should be completed within 3 days, MTR recertification in one day. 2M Technicians must demonstrate the ability to perform the following tasks:
  • Identify four of five types and remove two conformal coatings.
  • Install a single wire on a pierced tab terminal.
  • Install a double wire on a turret or hook terminal.
  • Remove and replace a 14 or 16 lead Dual In-Line Package (DIP).

Mini techs will also:

  • Install a single wire to a solder cup terminal.
  • Perform a surface patch laminate repair.
  • Perform a pad replacement conductor repair with a flat-set eyelet.
  • Install a flush mount, full clinch, and axial lead component on a double-sided CCA.

Micro techs will also:

  • Repair flexible laminate conductor.
  • Repair multilayer CCA laminate and conductors by excavating down two layers, remove and replace lower level conductor only.
  • Remove and install a Metallized Electrode Face (MELF), chip resistor, or capacitor.
  • Remove and install a Small Outline Transistor (SOT).
  • Remove and install a Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC).
  • Remove and install a Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP), Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC), or Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier (LCCC).

MTR Technicians must demonstrate familiarity with equipment and software, successfully troubleshoot a faulty CCA to component level, navigate through the 2MPP program, and correctly document 2M jobs in the MTR Tracking System.

 Contact 2M/MTR Inspections for convening dates and to register.