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Security Reminder

Prohibited Articles and Contraband Material

The following items are considered contraband material when they are not being used in connection with official business and are forbidden from being on-site:

Prohibited Articles

The following items are prohibited anywhere on the Controlled Site Property:

  • Explosives and incendiaries
  • Firearms, ammunition and other dangerous weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Any other item which is considered illegal or in violation of federal, state, or local laws.

Contraband Material

The items listed below are considered contraband. Their introduction into the Security Area is prohibited without prior authorization:

  • Cameras and Film
  • Firearms, ammunition and other dangerous weapons
  • Explosives and incendiaries
  • Unregistered Personal Electronic Devices
  • Transmitting Devices
  • Recording Devices (audio, video, optical or data)
  • Personal Defense Aerosols or Sprays
  • Copying or reproduction devices
  • Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages
  • Radioactive material
  • Personal monitoring devices (i.e., TLD’s)
  • Computer equipment (hardware/software) Electronic Media (i.e., Tapes/Discs/CD’s)
  • Any item the possession of which is a violation of federal, state, or local laws

All vehicles and hand carried items are subject to inspection prior to site entry

The following basic classes of personal technology devices are prohibited:        

  • Personally-owned cell phones of any type
  • Personally-owned computers and tablets
  • Personally-owned media players (e.g., iPod, Kindle, digital picture frame)
  • Personally-owned devise with wired or wireless upload/download connectivity (e.g., USB connection or media slots (e.g., SD card)); including advanced calculators with this capability
  • Personally-owned transmitting devices (e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Phone technology, Near Field Communication)
  • Personally-owned GPS receivers
  • Personally-owned cameras (still and/or video)
  • Personally-owned audio recording devices
  • Personally-owned storage media (e.g., thumb drives, CD/DVDs, SD cards)

    Specific examples of personal electronic devices with prohibited capability are:

    • “Smart” watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, Pebble, Spot or Martian Passport
    • GPS-enabled luggage/pet locator devices such as the Sendum, Pocketfinder, Spot or Garmin GTU 10
    • GPS-enabled watches or wrist devices such as the Garmin Forerunner, Fenix or Foretrex
    • Fitness trackers with Bluetooth or other wired or wireless download capability such as the Fitbit Flex and Nike Fuelband
    • Media devices such as the iPod Nano, whether carried on your person or worn as a wristwatch
    • Eyeglasses, pens, or any other device with audio or video recording or transmitting capability
    • Google Glass
    • E-readers such as Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo Glo
    • USB sticks, portable hard drives, SD cards, CD/DVDs