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Emergency Information

In the event of an Evacuation:

Evacuation details and updates will be provided on the command information line at (843) 794-5992 (Navy personnel) or (843) 794-5982 (Bettis personnel) and on the NPTU web.

The following web sites also provide information regarding hurricane evacuation:
http://www.nwschs.navy.mil and www.charlestoncounty.org.



Pets are not allowed in Ft. Jackson barracks, and there is no kennel service available. Personnel will have to provide for their pets prior to reporting to Ft. Jackson.

If only a limited evacuation of personnel housing areas (e.g., Isle of Palms, James Island, etc.) is ordered or an evacuation is only recommended, personnel who live in these coastal areas may evacuate to local civilian shelters. Prior to evacuating, personnel must provide their supervisor and NPTU Administrative Office (843-794-5950) when COR III is set the location and phone number of their intended evacuation location.

Accountability. ***All hands are required to maintain 100% accountability with the command for themselves and their dependents.****

(1) Personnel who evacuate to Ft. Jackson will be required to muster with the NPTU Command Team at Ft. Jackson upon arrival. This team will have a muster list and will report status of personnel to NPTU Admin at 843-794-5950 to muster on the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System database.
(2) Personnel who are required to stay onsite as support staff will be mustered by their Chain of Command and reported to NPTU Admin. These individuals must account for their dependents' evacuation plans.

(3) Personnel who are not required to evacuate to Ft. Jackson and evacuate to their own destination outside the affected area are required to ensure their chain of command has the address and phone number (updated cell phone information will suffice) of where they will be residing. Upon reaching their destination, personnel shall report to their chain of command their status and the status of their dependents. If unable to contact their direct chain of command, personnel shall call NPTU Admin at 843-794-5950 to report their status. If unable to contact NPTU Admin, personnel shall log onto the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) at
https://navyfamily.navy.mil and account for themselves and their dependents through the website.

(4) Upon receiving reports from personnel regarding whereabouts and status of dependents, direct chain of command will make the report to NPTU Admin at 843-794-5950.

Directions for accessing website are as follows:


(a) Go to NFAAS website: https://navyfamily.navy.mil.

(b) Click button that says, "NFAAS Navy Family Member"

(c) Enter sponsor’s Social Security Number and password (initial password is sponsor’s birthday).

(d) Enter status of member and dependents.

The all clear condition (safe to return to the local area and return to work) will be broadcast on the NPTU website and these web sites. If unable to access web information or reach the command info lines listed above, contact the Naval Weapons Station Base Info Line: 866-451-5995 (toll free), 764-7994 (local). The following cell phone numbers can be used in the event that hurricane damage prevents reaching the command or NWS info lines: NPTU Post 1A: (843) 794-3084, NWS CDO: (843) 478-8657. Use these numbers only if all other options do not work.

Emergency phone numbers:

NPTU Information Hotline 843-794-5992
NPTU Admin Office 843-794-5950
NPTU Post 1 843-794-3095
Post 1 Emergency Cell 843-556-2732
Red Cross Emergency Services 800-696-3873
Fleet and Family Support Center 866-557-4410