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NSWC PCD hosts inaugural Gulf Coast NavalX Tech Bridge PRIZE Challenge
March 5, 2024
Members from the NSWC PCD and NavalX Gulf Coast Tech Bridge Sediment Sampling Challenge development team during a regional Navy partner collaboration workshop, Dec. 13, 2023. (back row from left) Bobbie Thompson Naval Oceanographic Office, Dr. Richard Crout, Naval Research Laboratory, Jesse Walton, NSWC PCD Ranges and Facilities Branch head, Andrew Harrington, NSWC PCD Test & Evaluation & Prototype Fabrication Division (Code E42), Dr. Todd Holland, NSWC PCD Senior Scientific technical manager, Dr. Joseph Calantoni, SES, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command technical director. (front row from left) Holly Gardner, NSWC PCD Strategic Engagement director, Andrea Perles, SL, NSWC PCD Mine Warfare director, and Mackenzie Blair, NSWC PCD Code E42. (U.S. Navy photo by Eddie Green)

NSWC PCD Mine Warfare team overcomes challenges to support fleet sustainment needs
June 29, 2020
The Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) Mine Warfare Sustainment Division completed combat systems equipment harvesting on three Avenger Class Mine Countermeasure  ships scheduled for decommissioning in August 2020.  The effort led by the NSWC PCD, crossed multiple PMS 495 programs, and was internally supported by NSWC PCD’s contracting and property management teams.