NEWS | June 8, 2017

NEDU Wins Blue H Bronze Anchor Award, Promotes Culture of Health and Safety

By Naval Sea Systems Command Office of Corporate Communication

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Navy Surgeon General awarded the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) its first Navy Surgeon General's 2016 Blue H (Bronze Anchor level), Naval Sea Systems Command announced June 8.

The Surgeon General's Bronze Anchor level award recognizes a command for its concerned and engaged leadership team and a functional workplace promotion process. The award also reflects NEDU's commitment to promoting a culture of health and safety.   

"Honor, courage and commitment are not just words to the men and women of NEDU, they embody these ideals in every aspect of the work they do," said Cmdr. Jay Young, commanding officer, NEDU. "The Blue H is a testament to the emphasis the command places on health, fitness and the programs that encourage all employees to live healthy and productive lives both at work and home."

In recent months, NEDU Sailors' actions demonstrated their focus on a culture of health and safety by assisting others requiring medical assistance.

NEDU Chief Hospital Corpsman Tim Kerr used his medical training to diagnose and manage the potentially life threatening condition of a Sailor who recently had surgery. The Sailor noticed swelling in a lower extremity and immediately notified Kerr. Thinking quickly, he recommended the Sailor go to the emergency department and be evaluated for deep venous thrombosis (DVT), commonly known as a blood clot in the leg. DVTs are commonly associated with either trauma to an area or following surgery. 

Also in February 2017, NEDU Sailors Lt. Chris Murphy and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Joseph Lemond were traveling separately on a highway in Florida when a car began to swerve erratically and then burst into flames, eventually settling into a watery ravine on the side of the highway. Both Sailors pulled to the side of the road to assist and served as first responders, attending to the driver who had jumped from the vehicle while it was still in motion. After moving the driver off the road and providing initial medical attention, they broke the front passenger window and rescued the other passengers, two children in the rear seat. The children were unharmed. 

"Our NEDU staff is always prepared to help, using their medical field training and knowledge," said Young. "The attributes of selflessness and courage make our staff not only successful in the health field but also successful Sailors all around."

The Navy Experimental Diving Unit conducts manned, unmanned and biomedical research, development, test and evaluation of diving, hyperbaric, life support, and submersible systems to ensure all equipment and procedures meet the safety standards and operational requirements to expand the advantage during undersea military operations.