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NEWS | Sept. 3, 2021

NAMTS Graduates Recognized During SURFLANT Waterfront Self-Sufficiency Symposium

By Team Ships Public Affairs

NORFOLK, Va. – Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center Sailors who earned a Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy (NAMTS) Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) were recognized during the  Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic hosted a Waterfront Self-Sufficiency Symposium onboard Naval Station Norfolk, Aug. 11- 13.

During the graduation ceremony, 21 Sailors earned their NECs in one of the following skill areas: Valve Repair, Pump Repair, Heat Exchanger, Outside Electrical, Inside Machinist, Gas Turbine Repair, and Watertight Closure Maintenance. Each Sailor was presented with their certificate by Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic Deputy Commander, Rear Adm. Marc Lederer.

The event focused on empowering Sailors to assess and repair material discrepancies by utilizing on-ship resources, thereby maintaining and enhancing warfighting capabilities.

“The symposium aims to give Sailors and leaders the tools to more effectively maintain their ships without the need for outside assistance. We’re excited to engage the waterfront and provide the resources needed to increase awareness and knowledge of maintenance resources and best practices to enhance unit level self-sufficiency,” said Capt. David Fowler, SURFLANT assistant chief of staff for readiness and assessments.

The Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy Program was an integral part of the three-day event with NAMTS briefs presented and key personnel sitting on the expert panel.

“On any given day, there are roughly 2,000 Sailors working on NAMTS training along the waterfront or aboard their ships; our NAMTS Sailors put the sets and reps in on their various skill areas and they are going to be able to fix our ships when it matters most,” said Daniel Spagone, director of intermediate-level maintenance, Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Center.

NAMTS was established in 1998 by the CNO to improve battlegroup organic maintenance capability and material self-sufficiency. Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC) trains Sailors through the NAMTS program by utilizing I-Level hands-on maintenance production to “forge maintenance warriors,” who are competent and confident in their ability to own, maintain and operate their shipboard equipment.  

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