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A Visit Authorization Request is mandatory for all visitors, regardless of duration or classification of the visit. Access will not be granted under any circumstances without a valid Visit Authorization Request on file.

Non-Government Visitors

All non-government visitors (without access to JPAS) must fax the following information on company letterhead to USRD Leesburg at 352-787-5887:

  • Visitor Full Name (Last, First, MI) Do not use nicknames
  • Company or Organization Name (include complete address, phone number, and FAX number
  • Social Security Number (Protected by the Privacy Act of 1974)
  • Date of Birth Place of Birth (city/state)
  • Citizenship (include naturalization number and date of naturalization for naturalized US Citizens born outside the United States)
  • Level of Clearance (Unclassified, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret) Technical Point of Contact (POC) at NUWC Division Newport (include name and phone number)
  • Specific Date(s) of Visit (include year)
  • Specific Purpose of Visit (must include classification of visit) All visits are assumed to be classified unless otherwise stated
  • Contract Number ("Need to Know" signature required on all non-NUWC Division Newport contracts; advance copies are not accepted)
  • Name, Title, and Signature of Company/Command Authorizing Official


From Orlando International Airport to the Leesburg Facility:

  • Start out going SOUTH on AIRPORT BLVD toward S ACCESS RD. - 0.9 mi
  • Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the ramp toward TERMINAL B/ SR-436/ NORTH EXIT/ SR-528-TOLL.- 0.1 mi
  • Stay STRAIGHT to go onto AIRPORT BLVD. - 1.8 mi
  • Take the SR-528-TOLL W exit, EXIT 1B, toward INTERNATIONAL DRIVE/ I-4/ FLORIDA'S TURNPIKE.- 0.3 mi
  • Merge onto FL-528 TOLL W (Portions toll). - 6.2 mi
  • Take the US-17/ FLORIDA'S TURNPIKE exit, EXIT 4, toward US-92/ US-441/ ORANGE BLOSSOM TR.- 0.1 mi
  • Merge onto FLORIDA'S TURNPIKE N toward OCALA (Portions toll). - 41.9 mi
  • Take the CR-470 exit, EXIT 296, toward LEESBURG. - 0.4 mi
  • Merge onto CR-470/ COUNTY ROAD 470 toward OKAHUMPKA/ LEESBURG. - 2.4 mi
  • Turn LEFT onto BUGG SPRING RD. - 0.1 mi
  • End at 27744 Bugg Spring Rd., Okahumpka, FL 34762-3220

Estimated Time: 56 minutes
Estimated Distance: 54.40 miles