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To get to NUWC Keyport from SEATAC, you drive around or you take a ferry:

  • The direct route is driving the freeway (65 minutes to Silverdale).
  • The scenic route is via the Ferry, to either Bainbridge Island (30-minute ferry ride, 25-minute drive to Keyport) or Bremerton (60-minute ride, 25-minute drive to Keyport). Both destinations leave from the Seattle Ferry Terminal, downtown.


SEATAC Airport to Silverdale, Keyport/Bangor Navy Bases

(52 Miles to Silverdale, 60 Miles to Keyport - 80 Minutes in non-rush hour traffic)

When exiting SEATAC Airport, look for signs to Interstate 5 (I-5) South to Portland/Tacoma. Follow these signs and take I-5 South for about 16.7 miles. When you reach Tacoma you will pass the Tacoma Dome Stadium to your right. Get into the right lane and take the exit for State Highway 16 (SH 16) to Bremerton. (This is the only exit to Highway 16). Follow SH 16 across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Continue on SH 16 for about 27 miles. You will go through Gorst, where SH 16 becomes State Highway 3 (SH 3) (as it curves to the right). Bear right to continue on SH 3 North; you'll travel along the water for a few miles before SH 3 turns left, up and away from the water.

  • To Bremerton hotels, take the Kitsap Way exit, turn right onto Kitsap Way.
  • To Silverdale hotels, continue north on SH 3 for about 7 miles. Take the first Silverdale exit, Newberry Hill Road. Turn right and follow the road as it curves left and travel about one mile to the center of Silverdale.
  • To Keyport: Continue northbound on SH 3 past Silverdale for approximately 5 miles to the Keyport exit at State Highway 308 (SH 308). Turn right onto State Route (SR) 308. This highway goes right into Keyport, and is about 3 miles. At the third traffic signal, the gate to the base will be on your right.
  • To Poulsbo hotels: Poulsbo exits are about 4 miles north of Silverdale. From SH 3, take the second Poulsbo exit (both exits are only 1/4mile apart) and turn right.


SEATAC Airport to Seattle Ferry Terminal (10 Miles - 30 Minutes)

When exiting SEATAC Airport, follow signs to Interstate 5 (I-5) North. Travel north on I-5 for approximately 10 miles. As you approach the downtown area, move toward the right lane and you will begin to see signs for the ferry terminal. Follow these signs to the terminal and purchase a ticket for Bremerton or Bainbridge Island. Ferries to Bainbridge Island leave approximately every 50 minutes. Bremerton ferries leave approximately every 70 minutes.

  • The drive from the airport to the ferry is about 10 miles and takes about 30 minutes during non-rush hour periods.
  • The Bainbridge Island ferry is a 30-minute crossing, and the Bremerton ferry takes 1 hour.

Bainbridge Island to Keyport (17 Miles - 30 Minutes)

After exiting the Bainbridge Island Ferry, continue straight onto State Highway 305 (SH 305). Proceed on SH 305 for 13.5 miles to the intersection with Viking Way (You will exit Bainbridge Island over Agate Pass Bridge, and pass through the outskirts of the town of Poulsbo.) Get into the left lane at the stop light for the Viking Way intersection**. After turning left onto Viking Way, proceed approximately 4 miles to the 2nd stoplight at State Highway 308 (SH 308). (There is a gas station to your left on the opposite corner.) (Viking Way becomes Silverdale Way at this intersection.)

  • To go to Keyport, turn left and follow SH 308 approximately 2 miles to the Main Gate.
  • To go to Silverdale, continue straight through the light; you will be on Silverdale Way. It's four miles to Silverdale.

**Freeway Route. If you miss the Viking Way turn, you can proceed up to the freeway, and turn onto SH 3 South (to Keyport, Silverdale, Bremerton). To Keyport: Take the Keyport/Bangor exit; turn left and proceed straight for 3 miles to Keyport. Silverdale exits are approximately 4 and6 miles south. Bremerton (Kitsap Way) exit is about 5 miles further south.

Bremerton to Keyport (15 Miles - 25 Minutes)

  • When exiting the Bremerton Ferry, get into the right lane and turn right onto Washington Avenue. Proceed to State Highway 3 (SH 3) North. Continue on SH 3 for about 10.5 miles.
  • Take the exit for Naval Base Kitsap Bangor and Keyport. Bear right. Turn right at the end of the exit, proceed east on SH 308, approximately 3 miles to the Main Gate which will be on your right. Pass & ID on the right.

To get back to the airport:

Take SH 3 south to Highway 16 East; to I-5 North. Exit 151, Military Road, turn left; turn left at next light, and then right onto International Way (Highway 99). The original airport entrance (at the third traffic light) is under construction. Follow the signs to the parking/rental car return/passenger departure areas.

Watch your speed - the speed limits in Washington State are well enforced.