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2019 Archive Library


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The CAD/PAD CAD/PAD International Logistics Meeting was held June 11–12 at the College of Southern Maryland,
8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata, Maryland 20646. Read the Press Release.
2019 ILM - Participants: 252, Countries Represented: 26

2019 Documents
 TitleSizeModified Date
2019 ILM Agenda93.86 KB6/4/2019
2019 ILM Abstracts452.52 KB6/4/2019
2019 ILM Welcome Packet1.37 MB6/4/2019
AV-8B USN/MC Platform Status and Training884.34 KB6/5/2019
CAD/PAD Digital Twin Program Overview1.47 MB6/8/2019
F-18 USN/MC Platform Status & Training1.02 MB6/5/2019
F-35 Integration Status1.20 MB6/5/2019
FMS - USAF ACES II457.31 KB6/7/2019
FMS - USAF Aircrew Flight Equipment357.23 KB6/6/2019
FMS - USAF C-171.10 MB6/6/2019
FMS - USAF F-15/F-16361.29 KB6/6/2019
FMS - USAF Process Overview334.33 KB6/6/2019
FMS - USAF SLE Process297.08 KB6/6/2019
FMS - USAF T-6/T-37/T-38/F-593.71 KB6/6/2019
Health Assessment Background/Guide1.81 MB6/6/2019
MV-22B USN/MC Platform Status and Training862.98 KB6/6/2019
Ordnance Assessment (OA)1.81 MB6/6/2019
Packaging for Retiring Aircraft1.44 MB6/6/2019
Management with Retiring Aircraft1.04 MB6/6/2019
PDRM/WB151.52 MB6/6/2019
PMA-202 Aircrew Systems (NACES Maintenance)4.00 MB6/6/2019
PMA-202 Aircrew Systems (AECS Logistics)354.92 KB6/7/2019
Propellant Stability1.52 MB6/6/2019
T-38/F-5/F-16 USN/MC Platform Status & Training936.36 KB6/6/2019
T-45 USN/MC Platform Status and Training886.68 KB6/6/2019
T-6 USN/MC Platform Status and Training897.97 KB6/6/2019
USA FMS Program Overview845.01 KB6/7/2019
USAF MIST2.48 MB6/6/2019
V-22 Gas Generator Studs & Packaging Improvements1.07 MB6/7/2019
Virtual Training is Transforming2.73 MB6/8/2019
Fleet Returns15.20 MB6/13/2019
Web Ordering1.23 MB6/13/2019
Photos from 2019 ILM12.68 MB6/28/2019