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Employees at NSWCDD receive competitive salaries in addition to a robust benefits package. Those at our Dahlgren location also enjoy Washington DC locality pay. All positions at NSWCDD fall under one of two Human Resources management systems: the Warfare Centers’ Personnel Demonstration Project (DEMO) or the General Schedule (GS). DEMO and GS have different mechanisms for setting pay and rewarding performance.


DEMO is a pay-for-performance system specifically designed to attract, reward, and retain high-performing employees. Under DEMO, employees are compensated based on their performance and the degree to which their position impacts organizational goals. Approximately 94% of NSWCDD employees fall under this HR management system.


Although GS is the most widely used HR system throughout the Federal Service, only about 6% of NSWCDD positions are GS. Unlike DEMO, salary advancement under GS is based largely on longevity. However, employees with outstanding performance ratings may be considered for additional increases.