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New Employee Developmental Assignments
NSWCDD offers a unique development opportunity to entry-level (ND-02 and ND-03) scientists and engineers in the form of New Employee Developmental Assignments (NEDAs). NEDAs are temporary assignments, typically 4 to 6 months in duration, to other parts of Dahlgren Division. Through these assignments, new employees gain a broader perspective of the organization and its mission while enhancing existing skills, building new technical competencies, and expanding their professional network with the purpose of sharing and applying new knowledge, skills, and abilities upon return to their home branch.

At the NSWCDD Dahlgren site, all entry-level scientists and engineers are required to complete two NEDAs before they are eligible for promotion to the journey level.

Temporary External Assignments
Temporary external assignments are another developmental opportunity supported by NSWCDD. During these assignments, employees work offsite with sponsors, customers, and warfighters to enhance their technical capabilities and gain an in-depth understanding of how Dahlgren work fits into the larger context of NSWC, NAVSEA, DoN, and DoD missions. At the end of a temporary external assignment, the employee returns to NSWCDD to share what they have learned with their home organization.